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Termite Control Services

There’s a reason why people call Kil-Mor when they need help dealing with termites. Since 1980 we have made our name serving the Triangle and Triad fighting and preventing termite damage. Termites are a significant hassle for Americans, causing $5 billion in damage annually. Repairs can quickly run into the thousands for a homeowner. We can not only repair the aftermath, but we would love to help you prevent the damage in the first place.

Help prevent termite infestations by following these easy tips:

  • Check your house for signs of wood damage
  • Be on the lookout for mud tubes around the foundation and in the attic
  • Make sure your foundation is correctly sealed including vents, vapor barrier and other cracks (termites only need a fraction of an inch to get in)
  • Store items in sealed plastic bins and keep storage spaces dry
  • Remove rotting or old wood and stumps near your house
  • Wood piles should be placed a safe distance away from your home

Termite Treatment and Management

We understand it’s not always possible to catch the problem before it begins. Our highly trained Pest Control Officers (PCOs) ease your mind and bring the fight to the termites. Calling on experience and know-how, our experts will make use of the latest and most environmentally friendly methods to rid you of these pests. Once the treatments have been made, we can continue to manage the situation with routine management, so it does not repeat.

Termite Inspections

Not sure if you’ve got termites or not? Or, maybe you aren’t sure of the extent of the damage? Over 600 thousand homes are infested every year in the United States, and it can be years before the destruction becomes visible. Kil-Mor can perform a comprehensive inspection, checking all of the places termites hide: including the exterior, foundation, crawl space, interior, and attic. Bugs can’t hide when a Kil-Mor exterminator is on the scene.

Buying or selling a home? Termite inspections are often a condition for sale!

When in doubt, it is always better to have one of our experts take a look. Give us a call today to keep your home termite free.

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